In Siberia the plane was de-energized three villages during hard landing

The single plane made a hard landing on the South of Krasnoyarsk region and has damaged the wires, causing three of the village was left without electricity. On Sunday, may 28, reported on the website of the regional Department of EMERCOM of Russia.

“As a result of this incident the dead and injured no, the plane is not damaged. Damaged power line, the disconnection partially were three settlements — the village Luganskoe, the village of Znamenskoye and the village of Tagar,” — said the press service. In the MOE also said that the plane was carrying only the pilot.

How many people were left without electricity at the moment is not known. A team of power engineers of the Minusinsk district is working to restore power.

As told RIA Novosti source in emergency services of the region, the aircraft KP-2U SOVA was performing unauthorised flying. He landed 20 miles South of Minusinsk, not having received considerable damage.