Scientists found in the brain “switch” gluttony

Scientists found in the brain “switch” gluttony

In the brain of mice discovered neurons, the impact of which causes rodents overeating, or Vice versa, makes them eat less.

Today, for the treatment of certain disorders used deep brain stimulation. Often, however, patients who have gone through a similar procedure, you start to gain weight. Two scientists — Anthony van den Floor and Xiaobing Zhang decided to thoroughly examine the situation and conducted an experiment on mice, writes ScienceDaily.

Stimulating a certain part of the brain of rodents, which corresponds to that which is exposed in the treatment of people, the researchers were forced even well-fed mice after two or three seconds after the beginning of exposure to gang up on food.

The 10-minute exposure made the mice eat 35% of the daily consumption of foods high in fat. If, however, stimulate the activity of neurons for five minutes every three hours for two weeks, mice will eat much more and gain weight.

However, once the scientists stopped to work on the mouse brain, food intake of rodents decreased dramatically even in comparison with the control group. In addition, scientists have learned how to influence the brains of mice so as to achieve the opposite effect — the mice began to eat less.