Merkel urged the EU to take destiny into their own hands

Merkel urged the EU to take destiny into their own hands

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged EU leaders to show more responsibility and take the fate of Europe in their hands. Such a statement she made after just a day after the end of the G7 summit. The German newspaper interpreted the statement of the Chancellor like Merkel no longer considers US a reliable partner.

Such a statement she made on Sunday in Munich, at joint event with the head of the Christian social Union Horst Seehofer, Die Welt reported.

Gone are the days when we could at each other to rely, I experienced this in the last days.Angel Erkelenzer Germany

She uttered these words, sitting in a tent at a table with a beer in front of two thousand supporters.

Merkel added that Europe must be in friendly relations with the US and the UK, as well as with Russia and other countries as “good neighbours”. “But we need to know we will have to fight for their rights, for their future, Europeans must take their destiny into their own hands,” said the Chancellor.

Newspaper Die Welt interpreted this statement as if Merkel no longer considers US a reliable partner.

The statement by the Chancellor came after a day after Italy ended the summit “the Big seven”, which the leaders failed to agree on a number of issues. In particular, at the meeting of the head of the group of seven tried to achieve unity in the fight against climate change, however, in the final Declaration were forced to admit defeat for the US position, which had not joined the consensus on the Paris agreement.

In September, Germany will hold parliamentary elections. The Christian democratic Union (CDU) led by Merkel has a strong lead, and the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) is losing votes. According to a survey by the sociological Institute Emnid, published 28 may in the newspaper Bild am Sonntag, the CDU’s support was expressed by 38 percent of respondents, the SPD 25 percent. Followed by “Green”, “Left”, the free Democrats and the “Alternative for Germany” — they earn 8 percent of the vote.