Golodets called the Russian region with the highest life expectancy

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets said that Ingushetia is a region of the country with the highest life expectancy. In this subject the average is 80 years, reports on Friday, may 26, RIA Novosti.

“This is our goal for all subjects, but Ingushetia has coped with it already this year,” said the official, noting that “this is a joint work of those who live here”.

Data for other regions of the Deputy Prime Minister failed.

Meanwhile, as wrote kp.ru the average life expectancy in Russia today exceeds 70 years. In March, President Vladimir Putin said that there is potential to increase this figure to 76 years by the year 2025.

Experts believe this goal is realistic, however, point out that the biggest challenge for the country is male mortality. It is considered that its main cause is alcoholism, but there are “mental problems”. According to demographer Vladimir Timakova, the Russian men are constantly trying something “weak” and do not protect health. So, women in Russia on average live to 77 years and men to 67, and in the world, this difference is about five or six years.

Currently, the world leaders in life expectancy are Japan (82 years) and the USA (slightly less than 80 years), the newspaper notes.