Vice-Governor of Saint-Petersburg refused to consider “Krestovsky” expensive

Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Igor Albin, said that the opinion about the high cost of the stadium “Central” is a stereotype. The words of the official lead “Arguments and Facts”.

“It’s a stereotype. Misleading. If you estimate the cost per seat or per square metre — area of object, just in case, 285 thousand “squares”. He’s not that expensive as it looks,” said Albin, noting that the construction of the stadium “could be saved through more accurate design solutions and time.”

“Build fast build cheaper. 12 years is certainly a long time, and every redesign — new expenses of time and money,” said Albin.

May 22 at the stadium “Central” the workers began to change the lawn, the condition of which was unsatisfactory. Soon the arena will be laid roll pitch. Due to poor grass match “Zenith” with “Krasnodar” was moved to the old arena of the St. Petersburg club “Petrovsky”.

Football arena on Krestovsky island was commissioned in December last year. The construction lasted almost 10 years, the total cost of close to 50 billion rubles. The stadium will host matches of the confederations Cup 2017, which starts on 17 June and the 2018 world Cup.