World champion in the game of go lost three matches in a row, the computer program

Ke Jie

World champion in the game of go Chinese Se Jie lost three matches computer program AlphaGo. About it reports TASS.

The last meeting was held on Saturday, may 27. Each side was given three hours to make decisions. In case of victory, TSE could get $ 1.5 million.

“This is a cold machine that has no feelings for this game. In the past the program had some weaknesses, but now I feel that her understanding of the game of go, and its decisions are beyond our capabilities,” said the player.

AlphaGo program created by Google DeepMind. In 2016, the former world champion Guo Lee Se Dol was also trying to beat the artificial intelligence, but lost in four games out of five.

Go — logical Board game. She appeared about three thousand years ago. It involved two players, one gets stones in white, black. The goal of opponents is to isolate on the game Board with stones of his color more territory than the opponent. Now go spread in China, Japan and South Korea.