The EP is considered doubtful idea to change the validation rules officials


RIA Novosti

At the initiative of United Russia Sergei vostretsova on the audit officials and big businessmen close relatives which grossly violated the criminal or administrative codes, little chance of adoption as it is contrary to Russian law, said Friday first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” in legislative activities Andrei Isayev.

Previously, the website of the TV channel RT reported that a member of the Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans Affairs Sergei Vostretsov (EP) suggested to check officials and big businessmen for gross violation of Russian laws by their close relatives. In his opinion, often a violation of the law by officials and executives is causing the defiant behavior of their relatives. As reported, Vostretsov proposed amendments to the Tax code and the law “On the procuracy of the Russian Federation”, which will give prosecutors and their deputies the right to conduct unscheduled inspections.

“Vostretsov has notified the Advisory Council of the faction “United Russia” about intention to introduce a bill on the inspection of the officials after the breach of the law of their family, but neither the bill nor the very idea of the expert-Advisory Council of the faction “United Russia” has not yet been considered and decisions are not handed down,” said Isaev.

“In my opinion, such initiative has little chance to support since it contradicts the Russian legislation”, — he added.