Emergency mode is entered in Adygea after the dam because of the flooding

An emergency situation regime introduced in two districts of Adygea after the dam due to spring floods. About it reports a press-service of the regional Central Board MOE.

The water will penetrate into the homes of local residents. Rescuers evacuate people to places of temporary accommodation.

The Republic sent a task force of Ministry of emergency situations.

In two other districts of Adygea declared a state of high alert, the TV channel “360”.

The dam was breached on Friday, may 26, near the village of Khakurinokhabl length 15 — 20 metres after the river the Farce of increased the water level.

Earlier, on 24 may, a state of emergency due to floods were introduced in the Stavropol region. In the region blocked traffic on the Federal highway “Kavkaz” in some areas flooded up to 50 hectares of land, and in some towns — more than 800 homes.

The state of emergency also operates in the Krasnoyarsk region and the Irkutsk region, where raging wildfires. The situation in these regions is complicated by the presence of a strong wind and dry weather. All the fire damaged 10 villages, burned more than 140 homes.