Yekaterinburg grader with cerebral palsy I forgot to call for last call

At school No. 23 city of Yekaterinburg the first-grader with severe cerebral palsy have forgotten to call for the celebration of the last call on may 25. It is reported

According to the Ural parent Committee, informed the boy was not invited to celebrate Victory Day and to shoot for the Yearbook. “This is done on purpose, because he doesn’t like. The leadership of the school and of the teacher who so treat the child, no conscience, no brain,” — said the head of the organization Eugene Gapeev.

The head of the Department of education of Ekaterinburg Ekaterina Sibirtseva said that the incident occurred due to negligence by the school, due to a large number of first-graders. She also apologized to the boy and his mother and promised that for the rest of the holidays, the child will be invited.

The Prosecutor stated that the fact of discrimination will be tested.

At the end of 2015 in a kindergarten in Naberezhnye Chelny is not allowed to act at the matinee child suffering from cerebral palsy. Five-year-old girl and her mother were sent home. Kindergarten №67 is combined, there is in inclusive groups of children with cerebral palsy.