A Scottish schoolgirl has accused teachers of a war crime

A pupil of one of schools of Scotland has accused teachers in the Commission of a war crime. This was reported by her father on Twitter.

Mason Cross (@MasonCrossBooks)
25 may 2017, 10:22

On the feedback form in the box “That teachers could do better” 11 year old girl wrote: “do Not use the principle of collective punishment. It is unfair to the many people who have done nothing. In addition, based on the provisions of the Geneva Convention of 1949, is a war crime”.

“Here I think to punish her or to buy ice cream” — shared with users of social networks are puzzled by the girl’s father. Mason Cross explained in an interview with BBC News that the daughter likes the teacher, but the education system raises questions. On the suspicion that a note he wrote himself, Cross said, “Dude, if I made it up, it still would have forced her to correct a mistake in the word “Geneva””.

Father decided not to punish her daughter and to buy her ice cream even though the girl obviously didn’t know that the school is not a war zone, students, combatants and non-combatants, and study time — the military.

Mason Cross (@MasonCrossBooks)
25 may 2017, 17:29

Geneva Convention relative to the protection of civilian persons in time of war (also known as the Fourth Geneva Convention) was indeed adopted on 12 August 1949. On the basis of its provisions, the use of the principle of collective punishment during the war is classified as war crime. This principle is often used during the First and Second world wars, the inhabitants of the occupied territories were punished for the actions of the guerrillas.