The money from the phone: how to work the system to pay for purchases with a smartphone

The money from the phone: how to work the system to pay for purchases with a smartphone

On may 23 Russia earned service Android Pay. TASS figured out how to operate the system for contactless payment and what are the differences between Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay.

Owners of smartphones, tablets and smart watches with the operating system (OS) Android from the 23rd of may can pay for purchases via their mobile device.

Experts suggest that the new service will be popular. First, in Russia most people are using devices with Android OS. Secondly, the other “phone” payment system, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay — have been in Russia since the fall of 2016, and work quite successfully. Thus, according to the press service of Sberbank, more than 1 million of its customers are “tied” card to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, and made with their help 13 million payments.

In a press-service “Bank” reported that average ticket purchases using Apple Pay equal to 863 rubles, Samsung Pay — 637 rubles. According to experts of the Bank, the average check Android Pay will be about 600 rubles.

How can I pay for purchases or services by phone?

For this you need to install the Android Pay and “bind” the card to the device, that is, to scan the front side of the credit card camera and enter the CVCCVV code (three digit number on the back of the “plastic”).

You need to buy to unlock the phone or smart watches and bring them to the payment terminal. It is necessary that the terminal of the seller supported contactless payments (PayPass).

  • If you have Android, then in the case of purchases costing less than 1000 rubles to unlock the phone is not necessarily enough just to “Wake up” the screen, according to the official Google blog.

  • In the case of Apple confirmation on the fingerprint required. The only exception is the Apple watch.

  • The payment process with Samsung Pay is the same as the competition, but the owners of these smartphones can pay for purchases even on older terminals that do not support PayPass. In addition, users Samsung Pay can choose a convenient method of authentication — a four-digit code or fingerprint.

Which devices to support contactless payments?

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To work Pay requires Android operating system version 4.4 and above (if your phone was purchased after 2014, then most likely you have it) and the presence of NFC sensor (Near Field Communication). So the technology of data transfer at small distances. A list of some devices that support Android Pay, is on Google

Apple Pay works with iPhone 6 and newer, as well as in hours from Apple.

Samsung Pay can benefit the owners of smartphones S6, S7, S8, A3, A5, A7 and hours Gear S3. By the way, they can use Android and Pay: the choice of system remains with the user.

What banks work with such services?

All three payment systems support cards of the savings Bank, “Alfa-Bank”, “Binbank”, Rocketbank, banks, “MTS”, “Open”, “Raiffeisen”, “Tinkoff”, VTB24 and electronic purses “Yandex. Money.”

Android Pay and Samsung Pay, in addition, customers can use the banks “AK bars”, “Point” and “Promsvyazbank”. In turn, only Apple Pay supports cards of Gazprombank. The only system that works with the “agricultural Bank” — Android Pay.

Can Android Pay and other similar systems to pay at online stores?

Yes. If you want to buy something online, click on the icon for your payment system and you will not need to enter your card details and confirm the purchase via SMS. However, this possibility is not available in all online stores.

What payment systems can be “tied” to the phone?

All three phone platforms in Russia can be “tied” Visa and MasterCard. In addition, Android Pay and Samsung Pay, you can use voucher shops. But the owners of phones and smart watches from Apple will have to wait — this feature is announced on the website, but not yet working in Russia.

What other differences are there between the three systems?

Besides the already named, only one thing: Apple Pay can be assigned no more than eight Bank cards, the Samsung ten. Android Pay will not limit the number of cards.

Is that even safe? I can steal money?

If you rely on the usual plastic cards, reason to fear for “phone wallet” no. This system even safer. “Tied” the map is assigned a certain numerical value (called “token”), which is used for making payments. The terminal of the buyer does not receive the data of your card.

Another thing is that the phone may be stolen. In this case, you should immediately call the Bank and block the card.