Fradkov: Russia in a dialogue with NATO demonstrates an open, honest and therefore in a strong position

Director of the Russian Institute for strategic studies (RISS) Mikhail Fradkov © Alexei Druzhinin/press-service of the Russian President/TASS MOSCOW, may 26. /TASS/. Russia in a dialogue with NATO remains open, fair and strong, whipping up confrontation is not beneficial to anyone. This opinion was expressed by TASS Director of the Russian Institute of strategic studies (RISS) Mikhail Fradkov.

In Russia will appear a new type of visa for foreigners

In Russia will appear a new type of visa for foreigners The state Duma adopted in the third reading amendments to legislation introducing a new type of visa to Russia — visa for temporary residence. It will be issued to foreign citizens and persons without citizenship having permission for temporary residence in Russia. The validity of the visa will be similar to the term of the permit, according to the website of the lower house of Parliament. The bill was drafted after the constitutional court on 16 February 2016, acknowledged that the relevant basic law provisions of part 2 of article 18.1 of the Cao and article 24 of the Federal law “On procedure of exit from the Russian Federation and entry into the Russian Federation”. They allow to involve in administrative responsibility of a foreigner, even if he has a legitimate temporary residence permit in Russia, if the departure

Marat Safin will become Advisor to the Chairman of the state Duma on sports

Marat Safin will become Advisor to the Chairman of the state Duma on sports Moscow. May 26. INTERFAX.RU the Tennis player Marat Safin who has filed the application for voluntary addition of Deputy powers, accepted the offer of the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin to become his adviser on sport on a voluntary basis. “I think you can’t refuse that, from such opportunities,” — said Safin on Friday, answering a question of Interfax. He added that he would like to continue cooperation with the state Duma. On Thursday 25 may it became known that the ex-tennis player decided to refuse the Deputy mandate. The Duma Committee on rules recommended to grant his request. He was a Deputy of the state Duma of the VI convocation, in 2016, was re-elected to the lower house of Parliament from the party “United Russia”.

Vasilyev urged to limit school graduation ceremonial ruler

Vasilyev urged to limit school graduation ceremonial ruler MOSCOW, may 26 — RIA Novosti. The Minister of education of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva said that to take loans for setting up Quinceanera prom school is insane, and promised that the Ministry of education will mercilessly fight with this practice. “It’s crazy, and it will be a struggle merciless, I assure you,” replied Vasilyev on the issue of taking loans to carry out high school graduation. She noted that each school decides on the holding of the prom itself, while Vasiliev noted that this year’s “most schools think that it should happen very dignified, modest”. Question time as a farewell to school the day of the last call to translate, maybe in the historical channel, how it all began — just a solemn line, talked, said goodbye, told each other really good, important words, because it really is a milestone.Olga

In an airstrike in Syria killed 80 members of the families of terrorists

As a result of the airstrike, carried out by aircraft of the US-led coalition, were killed 80 people — members of families of terrorists banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” (IG). Among the victims were 33 children. BFMTV reported, citing data from the Syrian Observatory for human rights. Strike on Mayadin city in Eastern Syria was struck at dawn on may 26. One of the missiles was in the administrative building served as a refuge for relatives, wives and children of militants. May 25, the American command acknowledged the death of over 100 civilians in the Iraqi city of Mosul in an air RAID, produced in March of this year. Pilots dropped on the building, sheltering two sniper IG, 500-pound bomb. A direct hit caused the detonation of explosives that the militants had laid on the lower floors of the concrete structure. Because of the explosion in this and the

Students smugglers while smuggling from Hong Kong phones for food

In China border service detained 10 students who were trying in their backpacks to carry from Hong Kong to the mainland phones. On Friday, may 26, reports The South China Morning Post. Children stopped at the border crossing at Huanggang. The attention of customs officers drew clogged to the brim backpacks. During the inspection they found 210 different phone models in the amount of 145 thousand dollars. The goods were seized, and with students was held explanatory conversation. The disciples told the guards that tried to make money on shipping. The smugglers promised to buy them ice cream or to feed the fast food restaurant. Every day, around 28 thousand students cross the border from Shenzhen to Hong Kong, where they learn, says The South China Morning Post.

In the Kremlin explained trump statements about the Russian threat

Donald Trump The President of the United States Donald trump mentioned Russia as a threat to member countries of NATO began to fulfill its obligations towards this organization. This opinion on Friday, may 26, was expressed by the assistant to the Russian President Yuri Ushakov, reports the correspondent of”.ru”. “The mention of Russia can be considered, including in terms of pushing allies to ensure that they fulfil their obligations to make the relevant amounts in the NATO budget,” — said Ushakov, answering the question about how the Kremlin evaluates the statement trump made during the NATO summit. According to him, the us President has made “a lot of attention-grabbing statements” while in the trip to the middle East and European countries. “As for the political situation around the so-called russiagate in Washington, our President is a very good word to pick up when you described it last week,” — said

The Kremlin said the purpose of Putin’s visit to Paris

Russian President Vladimir Putin will travel to Paris on the invitation of the new French leader, Emmanuel Macron, and the Kremlin hopes that this visit will provide an opportunity to exchange views on a wide range of issues. On Friday, may 26, said Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov, reports the correspondent of”.ru”. “During a telephone conversation the new President of France and Putin, may 18, ( … ) Makron invited to jointly celebrate the 300th anniversary of the visit of Peter and to visit this exhibition at Versailles,” — said Ushakov. He noted that in relation to the attendance of leaders will hold informal talks, “which gives the opportunity to talk and get to know each other.” After the talks, Putin and the Makron will hold a joint press conference, but no documents will be signed, said the assistant to the Russian President. According to him, the leaders of the

Putin ordered the burnt Bubnivka

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed to close almost completely burnt the village of Bubnivka in the Irkutsk region and relocate its inhabitants to a new location until June 25. This was reported on the official Kremlin website. Responsible for the implementation of this order was appointed Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and Irkutsk Governor Sergey Levchenko. In addition, the President ordered the authorities of the Republic of Buryatia, the Irkutsk and Tyumen regions to assess the damage from fires and to provide housing for all citizens whose property was destroyed by the storm. Putin instructed until June 1 to give him a progress report. All affected people should be provided with legal assistance and support in the rebuilding of their farm buildings to carry out construction and repair works and the provision of materials and necessary Finance. The fire in Bubnivka began on 28 April. Ignited a

The foreign Ministry reacted to the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Estonia

The foreign Ministry reacted to the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Estonia MOSCOW, may 26 — RIA Novosti. The Russian foreign Ministry called the regular unfriendly and in no way justified the act of the expulsion of two Russian diplomats from Estonia. “This is another unfriendly and unwarranted act which will not remain without response”, — told RIA Novosti in the Russian foreign Ministry. Any details to the above, the Ministry added. Previously portal Delfi reported that the Russian Consul General in Narva Dmitry Kazennov and Consul Sergey Sergeevu handed a note, now they have to leave Estonia. The portal notes that this information was confirmed by two unnamed sources. Counsellor of the Embassy of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Verlin previously reported RIA Novosti that “the Embassy has not yet commented on the situation.”