Vasilyev urged to limit school graduation ceremonial ruler

Vasilyev urged to limit school graduation ceremonial ruler

MOSCOW, may 26 — RIA Novosti. The Minister of education of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva said that to take loans for setting up Quinceanera prom school is insane, and promised that the Ministry of education will mercilessly fight with this practice.

“It’s crazy, and it will be a struggle merciless, I assure you,” replied Vasilyev on the issue of taking loans to carry out high school graduation.

She noted that each school decides on the holding of the prom itself, while Vasiliev noted that this year’s “most schools think that it should happen very dignified, modest”.

Question time as a farewell to school the day of the last call to translate, maybe in the historical channel, how it all began — just a solemn line, talked, said goodbye, told each other really good, important words, because it really is a milestone.Olga Vasilieva, the Minister of education of the Russian Federation

It also agreed with the view expressed by the representatives of some regions that prom should not be turned into a lavish Banquet, reminiscent of a wedding. “We have exactly the same position”, — commented on the initiative expressed by the Minister of education and science.

The Minister also congratulated the Russian graduates on completion of their studies.

“I heartily congratulate, first of all, graduates, teachers, and parents because the seniors enter into a great life. A big milestone was passed. Those who finish the ninth grade, they will focus on continuing to study at school or College they choose is a choice that is also very difficult to implement,” — said Vasilyev.

Earlier the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov proposed to avoid the practice of holding graduations in schools of the Republic, stressing that directly in schools should not raise money for prom.

Earlier banquets and collecting money for exams at the end of the school year once again banned in the schools of Uzbekistan. In all schools of the Republic in ceremonial atmosphere strictly prohibited to banquets in cafes and restaurants with the participation of schoolchildren and collecting money for exams and the purchase of material values and gifts to managers and teachers of schools.