The actress and the novel of a lifetime. Eternal love of the famous actress

The actress and the novel of a lifetime. Eternal love of the famous actress

Svetlana Fomicheva, which the whole Soviet Union, known under the pseudonym of Tom, marks the seventieth anniversary.

Sonorous surname Tom — great grandmother-the French. Fighting spirit — from his mother, who in the thirties was an active member of the Communist underground in Bessarabia and worked as messenger. But the incredible diligence Svetlana Andreevna from his father. He was thrown to the darkest areas. Here in Moldova they were because of the father of the future actress, animal science, war veteran and graduate of the agricultural University, were sent on Balti to raise the collective farm “Pravda”.

Lived in the private sector, raise goats, rabbits. Becoming famous, the actress once again recalled in an interview that since childhood “spun like a top”, was able to do all the farm: tilling the garden, digging potatoes, weeding the weeds, to embroider, to knit, to cook, including homemade jam, all kinds of compotes, Lecho, vegetable caviar, tomatoes in their own juice.

Despite the fact that in all school concerts and performances Svetlana was not equal, to become the actress she was not planned. Was going to be a lawyer. But intervened His Majesty the case. After the tenth grade she went to arrive in the Kishinev University: I wanted to become a lawyer. But one day (case “a fairy tale”) to her at the bus stop approached the assistant of the Moldavian film Director Emil Loteanu. He was looking for a singer in “the Red glade” on the role of Joanna, daughter of the shepherd.

When famous filmmaker first saw her, his first reaction was: no it is not the actress. And then he looked into her eyes and realized that they radiate an incredible heat. So the young girl became his Muse, and later common-law wife. Svetlana fell in love with well-known secular lion, who was older than her for 12 years and already married twice. According to the memoirs of Svetlana Toma and Emil was very domineering man, but cared Loteanu incredibly nice, taught her the profession, and literally fashioned as a woman and actress.

The Director said the young actress, Svetlana Fomicheva is absolutely unattractive name for a future movie star. So, on posters paintings 1966, “the Red glade” appeared “the actress”.

But after several years of joint fruitful work and love the couple broke up. In recognition of the Volume, to live with Loteanu was not easy: he liked women. However, they managed to keep a cordial relationship for life. Thanks to this friendship years later the actress will play a starring role: Gypsy Loteanu in the film “the camp leaves in the sky”. However, friendship in its purest form, their communication difficult to call and after parting: a novel Loteanu and Tom then flashed, then died down throughout life.

But then Tom did not know that the relationship with Emile it will be life-long. Shortly after the first break with the film Director she met her future husband, she learned the acting profession in Leningrad, in a special group, which was prepared for the company of the Chisinau drama theatre.

Oleg Lachin was beautiful. Blonde, talented, and funny. Svetlana married him. However, as she said later in an interview, it was rather an escape from feelings Loteanu. In marriage, a beautiful daughter was born the Ira, similar to the mother. Today Irina Lachin know thanks to roles in the films “Lady Bum”, “Lady Boss”, “White filling”, etc. In April 1973, Lachin died: floating in the river, 26-year-old actor came under the boat. The Ira took on the education of parents Svetlana. “My father died when I was 8 months — told in an interview to “AIF” to the problem. But before my eyes was a good model of the family: grandparents, mom’s parents. Grandpa was like a father to me, and up to three years I called him dad.”

In 2000, Tom was married to playwright Andrew Wisniewski, who was much younger than her. His plays were staged in the theatres in Moscow, Berlin, Helsinki. They lived for 5 years and broke up.

In the last days of his life, Emil Loteanu, dying of cancer, asked her to come to him. And Tom, along with another wife of the Director — actress Galina Belyaeva — spent days and nights at the bedside of a loved one. Met women in the movie Loteanu “Anna Pavlova”, where Galina was played by a famous Russian ballerina, Svetlana and her mother.

When Emil died, Svetlana Toma this was a terrible personal tragedy: in her words, she felt like an orphan. “These people are impossible to forget,” says to this day artist.