In Japan, the employee was punished with reduction for participation in the Union

In Japan, the employee was punished with reduction for participation in the Union

TOKYO, may 24 — RIA Novosti, Xenia Naka. Employee well-known companies for the relocation has appointed a “primary shredder” (the apparatus for shredding paper), removing from the position, because he took part in the trade Union movement.

Participation in the Union was perceived as a lack of loyalty. The destruction of unnecessary documents made the sole responsibility of the former employee of commercial Department. About this appointment was reported to the Board that, in the opinion of the employee, inflicted damage to his honor and dignity.

The man addressed the court, who on Wednesday persuaded of the need of reconciliation with the condition that the company will bring the employee’s apology and reinstated in a former position. As reported by the victim broadcaster NHK, he satisfied with the decision, but wants “to call for the improvement of working conditions of other employees”. From June it will resume at the same place. The company acknowledged that a peaceful solution to the lawsuit, but declined to comment.

In Japan, there are cases when objectionable for one reason or another, the employee transferred to uninteresting for him to work or work involving much lower qualifications. Sometimes leaving the previous salary, the employee is actually deprived of the opportunity to work, forcing him to come to the service and aimlessly spend time working, but get paid for it. It is believed that this situation is intolerable, forcing the employee sooner or later submit a letter of resignation.