The Ministry of education will develop a procedure for the removal of children from families

The Ministry of education will develop a procedure for the removal of children from families

To create a set of rules for the guardianship will be involved in the community.

By the end of this year, the Russian Ministry of education and science will develop a special instruction, which officials from child services will be able to guide the removal of children from families, write “Izvestia”.

The Chairman of the charity Fund “Volunteers in aid to children-orphans”, a member of the Council on guardianship in the social sphere under the government of Elena Alshanskaya said that the relevant instruction of the Ministry received the results of the meeting of the government Council, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, who oversees social policy.

According to Olshanskoe, the instructions will be recorded the basic principle of work of bodies of guardianship: children can be removed from the family only in extreme cases when there are no other options and opportunities to help the parents of the child.

So stop the removal of children from the dirty floors in the apartment or the empty shelves of the refrigerator.

“Now in the guardianship virtually unlimited powers, and they operate at his discretion. Not assumed the possibility that this may be a temporary situation or an error has occurred”, — explained Alshanskaya.

She reported that Olga Golodets at the meeting agreed with the arguments of community members that the system needs to be changed, it ceased to be oppressive toward families.

Director of state budget institution of Moscow “Center for promotion of family education “Our house” Vadim Menshov believes that a situation when the child was in danger, is primarily a defect themselves of the guardianship, “promorgali” difficult life situation and which needed help. According to him, it may be from the funds spent on foster care.