Pastafarianskaya the head of the Church said about the problems in the school after the rally on March 26

Michael Samyn

The head of the Russian pastafarianskaya Church, high school student Michael Samyn said that after participating in a rally on March 26, it pushes the management of the school, where he trained. About this he wrote on his page in “Vkontakte”.

According to him, the Director of the school №1329 Veronica Burmakina says that it will deduct the withdrawal from the school for a conference on information security PHDays. “I think she will be able thus to get rid of the problem: it already two times was in the UK, and such unreliable student the best school of Moscow Olympiad on the rating, apparently, is not necessary”, — said Sameen.

The parents of the student told TJournal that did not support his decision to give the situation publicity, advising he just go to another school. According to SAMINA, he decided to translate the story to the public’s attention that teachers do not “put a bad mark” and exerted pressure on other children.

According to SAMINA, such problems have arisen for the first time since March 26 and 27, which he spent in the police Department. The Commission on Affairs of minors found him guilty, but the punishment he was released.

30 November 2016 the Ministry of justice denied the Russian Church pastafarianskaya Macaroni Patriarchate (ROC) to register as religious organizations.

The cult of the Flying spaghetti monster (pastafarianstvo) as a parody of organized religion in 2005, was invented by the American physicist Bobby Henderson. Thus he protested against the decision of the authorities of Kansas to introduce a school course on the theory of Intelligent design.