US authorities are trying to influence elections in Russia, said the Deputy


RIA Novosti

The U.S. government actively engaged in propaganda under the guise of journalism and trying to influence the election results in Russia, said the head of the Duma Committee on information policy Leonid Levin.

Earlier, the state Duma instructed the Committee on information policy to organize a test of the American media — “Radio Liberty”, “Voice of America”, CNN — compliance of their activities with the Russian legislation. With the corresponding initiative was made by the Deputy of the state Duma Konstantin Zatulin (EP). The state Duma Committee on information policy held an expanded meeting with the participation of experts on this issue.

Levin, speaking with a report at the plenary session of the state Duma, said Zatulin at the enlarged meeting of the Committee noted that the initiative is directly linked to U.S. attempts at the legislative level to limit the work of Russian media, Russia Today and Sputnik in America.

“At the same time, the facts show that the U.S. government itself is actively involved in promoting under the guise of journalism and trying to influence the results of elections in the Russian Federation”, — said Levin.

The head of the state Duma Committee recalled that Zatulin has reserved the right, in case of further escalation of the situation around the American side of the Russian media to submit to the state Duma proposals on the mirror measures against American propaganda resources operating in the Russian information space.

“A number of those present at the meeting of deputies from other factions expressed willingness to support his proposal if they will be made”, — said the MP.