GD will not limit the work of foreign media in Russia, said the Deputy


RIA Novosti

Russia is never limited and it is not going to restrict any media in the country, but they are obliged to comply with Russian legislation, said at a meeting of the state Duma the head of the Committee on information policy Leonid Levin.

On Friday, the head of the Committee, introduced the report on the meeting of the chamber on the activities of the American media for compliance with the Russian legislation.

“The position not only my person, but in General in our country, this is not just the President saying that we do not limit the work of the media. Freedom of speech under the Constitution is sacred. We are talking about the fact that the media, not only Russian but also foreign, operating in our territory, must comply with Russian law,” said Levin, responding to a question by Vice-speaker of the state Duma Olga Epifanova whether the findings of the study of the question in some way limit the operation of foreign media in Russia.

Earlier, the state Duma instructed the Committee on information policy to organize a test of the American media — “Radio Liberty”, “Voice of America”, CNN — compliance of their activities with the Russian legislation. With the corresponding initiative was made by the Deputy of the state Duma Konstantin Zatulin (EP). The state Duma Committee on information policy held an expanded meeting with the participation of experts on this issue.