The rating of a new President in South Korea has exceeded 80 percent

Moon Jae-In

The rating of the new President of South Korea, moon Jae-In, who took office on may 10, amounted to 81.6%. On Monday, may 22, according to the Agency Yonhap.

The company Realmeter conducted a survey of public opinion, and, according to the study, 10.1 percent voted against the new head of the state, and 8.3 percent were undecided. At the elections for the representative of the liberal “Democratic party” voted 41.1% of citizens (13.4 million), ahead of its competitors by almost two times.

Even before the announcement of the official results of the election, moon Jae-In said that “to build a new nation. Great Korea, proud of Korea. And I’m the proud President of a proud nation.”

Past President, Park Geun-Hye, was removed from office and later arrested on charges of involvement in bribery and abuse of power. In the first week after his inauguration in 2013, she managed to win the trust of 54.8% of the citizens.