Milon wrote the law on the prosecution of sorcerers


RIA Novosti

The Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vitaly Milonov has submitted to Parliament a bill on the punishment for illegal magical activity. The document is not yet available in the database, however, on its own initiative, the politician told RIA “news”.

According to Milonov, the penal code will need to be supplemented by article 235.2. Now 235 of the criminal code punishes “unlawful exercise of medical or pharmaceutical activity.”

Thus, Milonov offers considered “occult services” medical practice and punish “illegal occupation of traditional medicine by a person not granted the permission specified by the law and the exercise of occult and magical activities, if these acts entailed by negligence the infliction of harm to human health or damage to property in the large size the penalty to 120 thousand roubles or restriction of freedom for up to three years, compulsory labor, or imprisonment for the same term”.

In case, if the “magical activity” due to negligence led to the death of a person or particularly large, more than a million, the damage to his property, “the sorcerer” may face forced labor “for up to five years or imprisonment for the same term”.

In the number of persons of okazyvaya “magical services”, Milonov include astrologers, fortune tellers, magicians, spiritualists, psychics and clairvoyants and sorcerers and clairvoyants, even if they tout themselves as “experts” or “consultants”.

By the magical services of the Deputy will include “diagnosis and impact on human health, spiritual peace, property”.

Note that recently the Deputy of Parliament of Leningrad region Vladimir Petrov has also announced its intention to submit to the state Duma the similar bill which, however, would legalize the magical activities with the purpose of monitoring.