Source: Committee of the state Duma supported the candidacy of Antonova for the post of Ambassador to the United States


RIA Novosti

The state Duma Committee on international Affairs endorsed the candidature of Deputy foreign Minister Anatoly Antonov to the post of Russian Ambassador to the United States, reported RIA Novosti a source participating in the closed session of the Committee.

According to the Antonov, the meeting featured “an interested exchange of opinions” about what should be Russian-American relations.

The Deputy Minister noted that Washington and Moscow “are doomed for positive cooperation”.

“Russia and the United States — the permanent members of the UN security Council, and we have a special responsibility for international peace and security,” he told reporters.

According to the Deputy head of the foreign Ministry, many of the strategic goals and objectives of the two countries coincide: both Russia and the United States support the strengthening of the international non-proliferation regime, that survived the Treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons and other mechanisms.

However, today in Russian-American relations is very much negative, he added.
“We have the task of correcting this roll. Nobody talks about the delivery of any items. We are talking about what we need to convince our colleagues of the United States equitable good-neighborly and mutually respectful relations in the interests of the peoples of Russia and the USA”, — concluded the Deputy Minister.

The international Committee of the Federation Council plans to consider the candidacy of Antonova on may 22.

Now the post of Ambassador to Washington is Sergey Kislyak.