In Havana called ridiculous trump congratulation on the independence Day of Cuba

The statement of the President of the United States Donald trump in which he congratulated the Cuban people on independence Day, Havana was considered “ridiculous” and “controversial”. According to TASS, the corresponding statement was read out on Saturday evening, may 21, in the air of the Cuban television.

It is noted that trump is “ill-informed” about the nature of the date may 20, “which the United States is considered the date of establishment of the Cuban Republic.” “That day was born the American neocolony, which lasted until 1 January 1959,” said the announcer.

“Even in the American government realize how contradictory and stupid statements magnate-millionaire, who became President on issues of foreign and domestic policy”, — reads the statement.

Trump in a written statement congratulated the people of Cuba and the Cuban Diaspora in the United States with the 115th anniversary of the liberation from colonial rule of Spain. “The Cuban people deserve a government that defends democratic values, economic and religious freedoms and human rights, my administration is committed to achieving this”, — stated in the text of the message.

In 1959 in Cuba, after months of guerrilla warfare were victorious revolution led by Fidel Castro and was overthrown a Pro-American regime of dictator Fulgencio Batista. Relations between the two countries deteriorated sharply, the US declared Cuba an economic blockade for several decades between Havana and Washington were absent diplomatic relations.

During the reign of the previous President Barack Obama’s diplomatic relations were restored, was also renewed some economic ties, particularly in the field of transport communication and tourism. While trump and his Republican administration are more critical to the current Cuban government.