The Mexicans demanded to expel the Russian Makeyev from their country

Alexei Makeev

On the website created a petition to send from Mexico Russian Alexei Makeyev, after a bout in Cancun, in which he was seriously injured, and one of the locals was killed.

The authors of the petition indicate that Makeev showed the hatred of the Mexicans, threatened them with murder, showed aggression in relation to elderly people and children.

According to Mexicans, the behavior of the Russians should encourage the Mexican authorities to take urgent measures in order to protect people from his attacks. At the time of the news release was signed by more than 7.4 thousand people.

As reported RIA Novosti, the Consul Dmitry Bolbot, the Mexican authorities have not yet requested the Russian side for assistance in the deportation of Makeeva. Before the national migration Institute of Mexico said that he intends to ask the Russian Consulate to facilitate deportation. With the possible deportation can only occur after the investigation into the attack on his home and prior to this defiant behavior of the Russians.

According to the Consul, previous attempts to send Makeeva from Mexico without success. “In this situation without his desire, which he does not show that Russia has nothing to do with him, he has to want to be deported, to fill the statement, or it should be the decision of the competent authorities about his deportation,” said Balbot.

May 19, a crowd of residents of Cancun came to a small house in which lived Russian. For a long time the audience did not attempt attack. However, at some point, he wounded one of the Mexicans with a knife. After that, people broke in and began to beat Makeev with sticks and throwing objects at him. From the violence the man was rescued by the police and he was taken to the hospital. Wounded in a skirmish with Mexican Makeev died. He Makeev, who received a traumatic brain injury, is paralyzed, the doctors put him in an artificial coma.

The aggression of the Mexicans Makeev caused by the fact that for no reason insulted the people on the streets, including women and children, recorded their actions on video and posted to the Internet. In many videos, the man insulted the Mexicans on racial grounds, and showed the Nazi swastika. We also found out that Makeyev is famous for its behavior not only in Mexico but also in Russia. It was filmed by the TV show “confession” alleging that he is mentally ill.