Zakharov commented on the video Usmanov to Bulk


RIA Novosti

Maria Zakharova said that Alisher Usmanov “put in Bulk” (Alexei, head of the Fund of struggle against corruption – approx. Rambler) in his video. This is the official representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs wrote in his account in Facebook.

“The great and powerful has for such cases clear and in no way innovative classification — “put on”. And Usmanov, “put in Bulk” so that any lawyer or consultant there is nothing to do. Once and for all. Each word as a definite stone. And all the “laid on”. “Ugh not you” — and no one else. Cool, because like men,” wrote Zakharov.

Zakharov added that the performance Usmanov will study in higher education in rhetoric and PR.

On may 18 the businessman Alisher Usmanov has opened an account in Vkontakte, where he posted a video message to Alexei Navalny. In the 12-minute video, the billionaire opposition leader called “a loser”, “ignorant” and “failed businessman.” Users in social networks ridiculed the statement of the businessman.