The White house spoke about the pressure of the former head of the FBI to trump for Russia

The President of the United States, Donald trump told Russian diplomats, when he took them into that oval office, dismissing the FBI Director James Komi, got rid of the “strong pressure”. This writes the newspaper the New York Times, citing a memo compiled in the White house.

“I just fired the head of the FBI. It was crazy, really crazy,” are available in the document seen by the publication, trump’s words. “I faced a lot of pressure because of Russia. This is no more”, — he said. “I myself am not under investigation”, — the President added.

Commenting on the situation, White house spokesman Sean Spicer said that Komi had “undue pressure” on the President to lead diplomatic dialogue with Russia on issues such as Syria, Ukraine and Islamic terrorism. He called the investigation “of Russia’s actions” conducted by the Agency, politicized.

Trump dismissed Komi on 10 may, on the recommendation of the Minister of justice, attorney General Jeff and Roman sessions. As was stated in a letter to ex-FBI Director, he “is not able to effectively lead” the Department. As previously reported by the White house, the Komi Republic had abused its powers by closing a case against former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, election 2016 confronting Trump about using private email for official purposes.

As wrote NYT, may 16, trump asked for Komi to stop the investigation against his former national security adviser Michael Flynn. The White house denied this information. Meanwhile, Democrats have accused trump of the obstruction of justice and called for the impeachment of the President. “[Trump] was fired the FBI Director, who led the investigation against the President because of his ties with Russia, which intervened in the presidential elections”, — said the member of the house of representatives al green.

May 17 former official of the U.S. justice Department and former FBI Director Robert Mueller was appointed special adviser to oversee the investigation “attempts of intervention of the government of Russia in the presidential elections of 2016”. The US President said that the Mueller investigation confirms the absence of “collusion” between his presidential campaign and a foreign power.

Moscow has repeatedly accused of meddling in presidential elections. Such statements, in particular, contained in the published in January, declassified part of the report, which was prepared by the Central intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of investigation and the national security Agency of the United States. It said that Russian leader Vladimir Putin personally instructed to arrange a campaign to discredit Clinton and win trump. Russia denies all these charges.