The Communists urged to restore in Moscow the monument to Pavlik Morozov

The party “Communists of Russia” has proposed to reconstruct the monument in Moscow Pavlik Morozov, who stood on Krasnaya Presnya. On Friday, may 19, RIA Novosti reported the press service of the organization.

The corresponding request to the Metropolitan mayor has written to the Chairman of the party Maxim suraykin. Members of the “Communists of Russia” timed his call to the 95th anniversary of the pioneer organization, which is celebrated on 19 may.

The monument to Pavlik Morozov appeared in a children’s Park dedicated to him on Krasnaya Presnya in 1948, and in 1991 it was demolished. Such monuments existed or continue to exist in many cities, including Simferopol and Chelyabinsk, the boy’s name was called, the streets and institutions, the image of the pioneer was often used in Soviet film, literature and art.

Pavlik’s famous because he acted in court against her father, confirming her mother that her husband beat her and brought into the house things received as a fee for issuing false documents. Together with his brother Fyodor was killed by his own grandfather. In the culture of Pavlik Morozov was often displayed as the pioneer-hero, to have survived father’s fist, which was withholding grain from the collective farm.