Of the driver-the debtor was taken off the train at the border with Kazakhstan

The driver of the train, EN route from Chelyabinsk region in Kazakhstan when crossing the border was removed from the squad due to unpaid debt on the loan. On Friday, may 19, reported on the website of the regional Department of the Federal bailiff service (FSSP).

It is clarified that the matter of recovery with men 260 thousand rubles was carried out over two years. Until 2016 the place of work was unknown, but after the appearance of this information the debt has been paid with his salary. By may 2017 the Chelyabinsk left to pay only 20 thousand rubles.

“The restriction of travel, which was immediately applied to the debtor as soon as managed to get in touch with him, remained in force. Going to the neighbouring Republic, but rather, it was his first overseas trip, he remembered that leaving the country it is forbidden”, — have told in UFSSP. When crossing the Russian-Kazakhstan border the driver was removed from the train and the stock went on without him.

The next day the man paid the balance of the debt, and the restriction of travel was dropped.