Elbrus found the lost climbers

Rescuers found the Kursk tourists who got lost on the slopes of mount Elbrus. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the head of the press service of GU of EMERCOM of Russia on Kabardino-Balkarii Kantemira Berova.

“At 13:02 Moscow time, rescuers found the climbers, they are all alive and healthy, asked for help, as on Elbrus deteriorated weather conditions. Now they, along with rescuers coming down,” — said Burov.

Earlier it was reported that the climbers got lost at the height of 4100 meters above sea level. The announcement of their disappearance arrived at 09:50 GMT, the TV channel “360”.

In search of tourists were involved rescuers of the Elbrus high-mountainous POISKOVO-saving group of the Ministry. The operation was handled by four rescuers and two units of equipment.

In late April, two hikers fell while climbing on mount Elbrus. Rescuers searched for them for hours. The man died in the fall, and the woman was seriously injured. She was urgently hospitalized, but to save her failed.