Mizulina will bring in GD the bill of marriage registration of marriage


RIA Novosti

The bill, which provides for official registration of marriage not only in registry offices, but also conduct marriage registration, will submit to the Duma the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Elena Mizulina.

Mizulina made the decision after reports that the Moscow Department of the registry office has banned the accompanying ceremonies of the wedding within the walls of registry offices live music and other paid services that are provided by private entrepreneurs. As previously wrote “Izvestia”, from may 1, departments the registry office will sound only a music soundtrack.

Such restrictions on commercial services in the registry offices of some regions of Russia introduced in 2015.

Mizulina said that absolutely wrong such restrictions. “The ban on live music, the rose petals and the traditional glass of champagne – this is the kinks”, — quotes the Senator, “RIA Novosti”.

According to her, the idea of how to spend the most important day and make it really special, have each couple who decided to marry. “Why deprive them of this opportunity? Why in this joyous moment of life to prevent people to Express their emotions the way they want to?” — surprised Mizulina.

The adoption of the bill on marriage registration of the marriage will allow the couple to celebrate their wedding the way they want, said the Senator. The Tyumen regional Duma has brought in the state Duma such a project, but the lower house rejected it, she said.

Mizulina noted that carefully examine the grounds for rejection of the draft law and prepare a new version. She will bring this initiative to the state Duma.

“We, legislators, should make every effort to stimulate the desire of Russians to marry”, — concluded the Senator.