Leading Fox News told about the transformation of Russia from a bear into a Troll

Julie Roginsky

Russian-speaking host of the Fox News channel Julie Roginsky in the next issue of Clap Back continued the argument with the press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in the United States by Nikol Laganini. The transmission was aired on may 18.

The reason for the conflict was the programme dated 11 may, during which Roginsky made some statements in the Russian language. Then she switched to English and ironically explained to the audience that wanted to show the “potential owners” knowledge of their language.

“After all, when they invade some country or delay its sphere of influence, you begin to get a local to teach Russian. I wanted to make it clear that I have everything under control, they do have and do not need. Although they do so day after day is gradually taking over our government. The last step is the firing of the FBI Director James Komi” she said then.

In the new issue Roginsky reviewed this story, and also told about the reaction to the transfer Lakhonin, who, in his Twitter called her performance Russophobic. In this regard, the presenter noted that in her words “came to Russia” and that “has turned from a bear into a Troll.”

Roginsky called the Russian diplomat just ruts and in Russian said that “to apologize is not to be”, and also showed a Twitter battle with him. So, after accusations of Russophobia employee of Fox News wrote that the Russian Embassy trolls her and reminded about the Russification of national minorities, held in the USSR in the 1930-ies.

In addition, she proposed a deal: apology for what her “Moscow accent is not the same that before” in exchange for the apology of Moscow “for kibershpionazh and the annexation of the Crimea” (the Peninsula became part of Russia in 2014, but Kyiv and Western countries consider illegitimate procedure; Moscow all charges overget — approx. “Of the tape.ru”). About the answer Lukonina in the release ClapBack Roginsky, however, was silent. Although the may 13 in his microblog said that Russia no deals to sign will not be called on Fox News to apologize. It is also advised to cover the topic of Russian-American consultations on cybersecurity and summer season in the Crimea.