Beaten in Cancun, the Russians, in addition to the Mexicans terrorized the citizens of the Russian Federation

From the aggression of Russian Alexei Makeyev, who was beaten by an angry mob in Cancun, Mexico, suffered not only local residents, but also citizens of Russia, who visited the Republic. On Saturday, may 20, RIA Novosti was told by the Consul in Mexico Dmitry Bolbot.

“In November we received a complaint from the Russians, then we have appealed to the foreign Ministry and the Prosecutor’s office to protect our local population,” — said the diplomat. He added that Makeev, a native of Elektrostal near Moscow, was in Mexico on the basis of a permanent residence permit, which he received as a refugee. At the same time, the man remains a citizen of Russia.

According to Balbot currently Makeev is in the hospital. “The main thing now — not to be finished and treated. There is evidence that in the General Hospital, where he was taken, he did not want to treat, we go to the hospital to get this under control,” — said the Consul.

In addition, he confirmed that the wounded Russian Mexican died. Currently, the diplomats set, what it can mean for a Russian citizen.

On 19 may, an angry mob came to the house Makeeva in Cancun to Lynch him. The reason for the disturbance was the behavior of the Russians, who for no reason insulted others, including women and children, recorded their actions and uploaded it on YouTube. As a result, the man was beaten, but the police saved him from violence. It is known that during the conflict he was wounded from firearms of the Mexican.

Bolbot noted that in Russia, Makeev became the hero of the show, “confession”, in which it was alleged that he is mentally ill. The diplomats also promised to bring the situation under control.