In the Belgian police have identified “Templar”

In the Belgian police have identified “Templar”

MOSCOW, may 20 — RIA Novosti. Authorities in the Belgian Walloon region initiated the proceedings in connection with which caused a public outcry case appearing on duty in a public place the police on the vest which was a cross of the knights Templar, reports on Saturday broadcaster RTBF.

Unexpected for the police badge was in stills cameras when shooting reportage in the municipality of Couvin. In the press there were suggestions that the police thus demonstrated its connection with extreme right-wing organizations.

Couvin: la polémique du “policier Templier” conduit à plusieurs réunions extraordinaires ce lundi

— RTBF info (@RTBFinfo) may 20, 2017

A police officer summoned for questioning, where he denied any involvement in radical movements or sects. In this case, the interrogation revealed that the knights Templar cross he wears in the service of 2016, and never made his comments.

To clarify the motives of the police would conduct an internal investigation, in addition he will be punished for violation of professional ethics.

The order of the knights Templar (“Templar”), considered as one of the most powerful and influential, was founded in the 12th century.