The Chinese fighter intercepted a U.S. air force plane

The Chinese fighter intercepted a U.S. air force plane

Two su-30 of the Chinese air force was scrambled to intercept American military aircraft Boeing WC-135 Constant Phoenix of the East China sea. About it reports NBC News, citing two sources in military circles.

WC-135 is a special aircraft of the U.S. air force, whose task is the analysis of the atmosphere for the detection and identification of nuclear explosions.

According to sources, he conducted a standard work in neutral airspace, when he appeared next to him fighting the Russian-made aircraft.

A team of American aircraft, which in the jargon of the pilots is called “sniffer” or “weather bird,” praised the actions of interception as “unprofessional”. According to officials, the corresponding note was sent to Beijing by the relevant diplomatic channels.

On 4 may, two fifth generation fighter F-22 U.S. air force intercepted and escorted a pair of Russian missile-carrying bomber Tu-95 flying near Alaska, along with two su-35. In the Command of aerospace defense of North America (NORAD) praised the actions of the pilots videoconferencing, calling the flight “safe and professional”.

On may 12 the Russian defense Ministry said the interception of the su-30 reconnaissance P-8 Poseidon of the U.S. Navy in the sky over the Black sea. Earlier, NBC News reported that Russian fighter jets flew twenty feet from the American plane.