In Iran the presidential election campaign started

In Iran the presidential election campaign started

TEHRAN, may 19 — RIA Novosti. Polling stations opened on Friday in all cities of Iran on the election of a new President, according to the national electoral Commission.

According to the Commission, have the right to vote approximately 56 million people. Just opened about 63 thousand plots.

Four candidates are: the incumbent President Hassan Rouhani, Ayatollah Ibrahim Raisi, former Vice President Mostafa Hashemi-Taba and the candidate of the conservatives Mostafa Agha Mirsalim.

If none of them will score in the first round more than 50% of the votes, a week later held a second round involving the two candidates with the highest number of votes.

Simultaneously with presidential in Iran, elections to municipal councils and elections to the Parliament.

Elections will be held under reinforced security measures, they will provide about 300 thousand employees of law enforcement bodies.