In the Federation Council commented on the draft law about U.S. sanctions for its support of Damascus

Konstantin Kosachev

Possible US sanctions against Russia for supporting official Damascus say that for Washington, the fight against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is more important than fighting terrorism. This was written by the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev on his page on Facebook on Thursday, may 18.

“One particular Assad as a target for attacks is much more convenient than terrorism, against which no effective recipes, and those that have interaction with Russia, Iran and Assad the same — very uncomfortable,” said the legislator.

According to the Senator, the new restrictions — a consequence of the impact of U.S. missiles on the airfield shirt. “Sanctions initiatives is, in fact, confirm that the White house was correct in his assessment of the events in Syria and in choosing lines of behavior,” he explained.

Kosachev also noted that by its actions the us authorities essentially deprive themselves of the “opportunities for initiatives to address the real problems of Syria.”

The house of representatives of U.S. Congress approved on Wednesday, may 18, a bill providing for sanctions for their support of the Syrian authorities. Next, the document must be received for consideration in the Senate and then signed by the President of the country Donald Trump.

May 9 the us President for another year extended sanctions against the Syrian government. The first package of restrictive measures was introduced in may 2004.

On 7 April, the United States released several dozen cruise missiles at Syrian government airbase shirt in the province of HOMS.