The inhabitant of Ekaterinburg was thrown from the balcony of kittens, a puppy and a rabbit

In Yekaterinburg opened a criminal case on animal cruelty in relation to men, who, according to eyewitness accounts, thrown from the window of Pets. This was reported on the website of the MIA in Sverdlovsk region.

The incident occurred on Friday, may 12, on the street. The man was thrown from the balcony of the third floor several kittens, a puppy and a rabbit. The affected animals were taken by passers-by, but some Pets died from his injuries.

It was established that the suspect — 44-year-old local resident, previously convicted for murder. He lives with his wife and two minor children. It is noted that sometimes he is aggressive and using drugs. During the interrogation, the man behaved inadequately, denied the offence and also the fact that he kept Pets.

In October 2016, a resident of Chelyabinsk, after a quarrel with his wife because of jealousy thrown from the window of the ninth floor of her two cats, and then Packed up and went to my parents. Passers-by tried to help the animal but are unable to save them.