In Germany the simplified rules of deportation of migrants

The German Parliament adopted amendments to the legislation simplifying the rules of deportation of migrants. About this reports Deutsche Welle.

Under the new rules, an applicant who was refused asylum in Germany can be deported even if the authorities of the country of origin has not provided documents proving the identity of the migrant.

In addition, law enforcement agencies of Germany had the opportunity to detain refugees that may pose a threat to national security, for a period of 10 days. Earlier in the proceedings was given only four days.

Supervisors also received the right to collect data from electronic devices of refugees, whose identity has not been identified at entry in Germany.

Lawmakers also decided to limit the freedom of movement for migrants who reported incorrect data: during the pendency of their petition for asylum they have no right to leave the accommodation centres.

Human rights activists have already criticized these innovations are criticized. In their view, these provisions violate the rights of people needing protection.

20 February the head of the Federal Chancellery and Federal Minister for special Affairs Peter Altmaier announced that the German authorities are ready to deport hundreds of thousands of migrants. According to him, 2015 is the year of humanitarian assistance to the needy in her people, in 2016, the flow of migrants decreased significantly, and now the time has come to Germany has left those who do not have the right to asylum.