U.S. rear Admiral sentenced for corruption to 18 months in prison

The Federal district court in California sentenced the rear-Admiral U.S. Navy Robert Gilbo to 18 months in prison on charges of corruption. It is stated in the statement of the Ministry of justice of the United States.

The Ministry said that Gilbo became the first rear Admiral of the U.S. Navy on active duty, which has ever been convicted of a crime for prosecution by Federal authorities.

The American admitted that he provided false information in the so-called “fat Leonard”, notes TASS. We are talking about the proceedings in relation to fraud the owner of a Singaporean firm Glenn Defence Marine Asia Leonard Glenn Francis. His company for over 20 years been providing American ships in Asian ports.

The investigation revealed that Francis, using connections in the command of the American fleet, learned about the movement of warships and submarines of the United States. His friends helped him to redirect ships to ports where he worked, instead of the owner of the Singapore company gave them bribes.

In September 2013, US intelligence agencies have arrested Leonard Glenn Francis, who was later convicted of fraud.