In the US, a policewoman was acquitted in the murder of an unarmed black man

In the US, the jury recognized the policewoman of Oklahoma, Betty Shelby is innocent in the murder of 40-year-old black Terence Crutcher, according to the Associated Press Thursday, may 18.

Terrence Crutcher was shot 19 September 2016 in Tulsa. As argued by guards, they arrived at the scene, received a message that unknown on the SUV stopped in the middle of the road and acting suspiciously. The footage video of the incident on YouTube, several police officers kept Crutcher under the gun, and he walks slowly with his hands raised to his car.

Video: The Free Thought Project / YouTube

Then the man at some point, bent down, presumably with the intention to take something from the cabin of the vehicle through the lowered door window. At this point one of the officers paralyzed Crutcher a Taser, and when he fell to the pavement, Shelby shot lying on the ground black.

The local police chief Chuck Jordan later stated that the weapon was never found nor the victim in ourselves or in the cabin of his car. The defendant was justified in the court that the suspect “did not obey her orders, mumbled something under her breath,” and she opened fire when he stuck his hand out the window of the car.

Protection Shelby made a bet that Crutcher was under the influence of synthetic drugs. Forensic experts published a report, from which it follows that shortly before the death of Crutcher was in a state of intoxication hallucinogenic drug PCP. This substance, as noted by the media, causing a state of euphoria and over-confidence, but also has a number of negative psychological effects. Traces of drugs found in the car of the victim.