Navalny has promised to answer Usmanov on items

Alexei Navalny

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny has promised to answer “the points” in a video message to businessman Alisher Usmanov. About it on Thursday, may 18, wrote on his page in Facebook.

To post Bulk attached a video of the entrepreneur, “that there was no question that the followers of our channel will see my answer and do not see the appeal Usmanov”.

Video Usmanov was published on his YouTube channel on may 17. A 12-minute video, the businessman denies all the accusations of the opposition in his address. He, in particular, notes that never participated in the state privatization and all of its assets acquired on the open market and high market value.

May 18 Lublin court of Moscow will begin preparing for trial on the claim Usmanov to Navalny on protection of honor and dignity. The businessman intends to refute the number of public statements of opposition politician. The financial claims he had not made.

In early March, based Navalny Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) has published an investigation on non-profit funds, allegedly connected with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. In the materials including, it was alleged that a classmate of Prime Minister Ilya Yeliseyev and associated sotsgosproyekt Foundation received from Usmanov land contract donation. It was also alleged that the businessman allegedly made a fortune thanks to the connections with the state and an understatement of expenses for remuneration of labor of employees of their enterprises.

Usmanov all charges Navalny has consistently rejected.