In the sea of Okhotsk on fire, the trawler “Kapitan Chernov”

“Kapitan Chernov”

The fire occurred on Board the fishing trawler “Kapitan Chernov”, which is on fisheries in the Okhotsk sea off the coast of Kamchatka, RIA Novosti reported on Thursday, may 18.

According to preliminary information, no victims. The fire, according to the Agency, occurred in the superstructure of a trawler. The ship was de-energized. Currently there is a strong smoke, the fire source is not detected.

“On Board the vessel at the time of the fire were 27 crew members, most of them transplanted to a nearby trawler “real”. On Board the “Captain Chernov” are five people headed by the captain, who try to extinguish the fire on their own. They also help the sailors with the neighboring vessels”, — said the Agency head of the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Maritime rescue sub-centre Arthur Reetz.

The Agency Colossal Retz said that “threats to the lives of the remaining on Board is not, as they can quickly leave the transport refrigeration and go to another ship”.

“Kapitan Chernov” is located 30 kilometers from the village of ozernovskiy, Ust-bolsheretskiy district of Kamchatskiy Krai. To help the crew sent a rescue ship Suvorovets, however, the path to the place will take at least two days.

Trawler built in 1993. The port of registry of the vessel — the Vladivostok.