The CPS has called for a stop to panic because of rumors about HIV infected needles

CPS urged Russians not to believe the information on the alleged cases of HIV infection as a result of the injection needle left in a public place. This was reported on the website of the Department.

They point out that similar information had previously appeared many times, but authentic cases of infection through Russia were not recorded. Rospotrebnadzor urged citizens to read more about HIV test information sources and to stay calm.

“Human immunodeficiency virus can live and multiply only in the human body, outside the body it quickly loses its vitality and dies. The virus persists either in a dry drop of blood or in dried biological fluids (semen, saliva or breast milk),” — reminded the Agency. The virus dies quickly when heated to 60 degrees centigrade, the treatment with any disinfectants, emphasizes the Federal service.

Also in the message are the actual most common methods of infection — unprotected sex, intravenous drug use, breast-feeding from an infected mother.

In April, the Russian government set the rules of the Federal registry of persons infected with HIV and TB patients. So, it is within three days after infection will be passport data, diagnosis, information about disability and information about treatment.