In Brazil, the MPs called for the impeachment of the President

In Brazil, the MPs called for the impeachment of the President

A group of deputies of the Brazilian Parliament called for impeachment proceedings against the President Michel Temer.

The reason for this was the video that Temer discussing the possibility of bribing the ex-speaker of the lower house of Parliament Eduardo Qunu, the newspaper reports UOL.

The video was sent to the country’s Supreme court by the owners of the company for the production of beef JBS SA, brothers, Lesli and Wesley Batista. Her current head of state is discussing with the business question of the bribery of Mustelids in connection with the impeachment against the former head of Brazil Dilma Rousseff. “”You have to keep it a secret, okay?”, — quoted by Temer on video Brazilian edition.

The application procedure has been filed, but not yet registered. If this happens, Brazil will be convened a special Commission on this issue.

In connection with the publication of the video Temer has already made an official statement. He denied his part in this corrupt act. Temer thus confirmed that indeed met with the owners of the company JBS, however, according to him, the meeting did not involve bribery Cunha.

The previous President Dilma Rousseff retired after the impeachment associated with the corruption scandal surrounding Petrobras. In addition, she was accused of fiscal fraud. In the same case was arrested another former head of state Luiz da Silva. Former speaker Cunha, who left the post in 2016, for participation in corruption schemes was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.