Zakharova: the media in the USA become players in the political struggle

© Mikhail Japaridze/TASS

MADRID, may 17. /Offset. TASS Ekaterina Vorobyeva/. The media in the USA become players in the political struggle. This was stated in Madrid, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“We have held consultations with my Spanish colleague, head of the information Department of the foreign Ministry, discussed practical issues, the interaction between press services of the foreign ministries of the two countries and the approaches to some international issues in the information context, paid special attention to and combat the spread of false information,” she said. “We thought, how could this evil of the XXI century to resist, shared our experiences about the creation of the relevant section on the website of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, – said Zakharov. – Spanish colleagues also suffer from the inaccurate information.”

“We agreed that it causes a lot of damage and cooperation, and people’s confidence in traditional media, – told the official representative of the foreign Ministry. – Need to develop mechanisms that would not be allowed to spread seeinformation”. Zakharov stressed that “most of the problem lies in the fact that a lot of quoting from the American media.” “Unfortunately, the American mainstream is sensemaking in the information space of European media,” she said.

In her words, “music is ordered that the American media” who “bring chaos into the world information space, which is called the spread of disinformation.” “This is a phenomenon that has emerged in recent years – namely, in defiance of tradition, where the media have over the years accumulated credibility by examining the facts, now dominated by a completely different approach – the use of knowingly false information for the shaping of a biased approach, or confirm it,” – said Zakharov. “The Western media, there are American, made that the media should never allow, because from that moment they cease to be the media and become a tool, said foreign Ministry spokesman. They allowed themselves to be used in the political struggle”.

“In the US, nobody hides: the media are divided into clans, subject to the political and financial clans, serve their interests,” – said Zakharov. In her view, “U.S. media have themselves become players in the political struggle.” “The last story, which was spun around the Russian – American contacts, so absurd that a couple of years ago this would be difficult to imagine, but today it is a reality, – said Zakharov. – It is impossible to even comment, because to comment on this absurdity is to roll down to the level of absurdity, but not to comment – it means to give the green light to this notorious fake news”.