The court decided to forcibly expel from Russia Rabbi Herson


RIA Novosti

Hamovnichesky court of Moscow decided to expel from Russia Maryinoroschinskoe Rabbi of the Jewish community of Kherson Yosef because he was working illegally in the Russian territory. This “Газете.Ru” according to the press service of the court.

“The court found Kherson Joseph Ishaku guilty of “implementation of the foreign citizen’s labor detail in Russia without work permits,” reads the court’s decision.

It says that a religious figure will have to pay a fine of 5 thousand rubles., as well as additional punishment he will be forcibly expelled from Russia, which fully meets the Code of administrative offences.

While it will not be placed in the decorative center, the Rabbi the right to leave Russia by purchasing a ticket for their money.

Kherson himself does not plead guilty and told the court that since February 2009 he has been conducting research on religious issues in Maryinoroschinskoe Jewish community. Nevertheless, the court decided that it works, and doing it without advising documents.

Herson January 27, was detained by police and taken to the police on the street Usacheva. He was charged with violation of part 3, article 18.8 of the administrative code of Russia (violation by a foreign citizen or person without citizenship of rules of entrance to Russia or the regime of stay (residence) in Russia, committed in the city of Federal significance). Such violation of immigration laws does not exclude the risk of deportation.

As noted by the Rabbi, the staff of the FMS of Russia found that he is not at the place of registration. Kherson, however, argued that working in Russia at the invitation of the organization “the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia” (FJC) in the face of “the Moscow Jewish community center” (MEOTS), and “by law she has the right to register the worker at its legal address.”