In the Council of Europe stands up for Russian Internet resources in Ukraine

In the Council of Europe stands up for Russian Internet resources in Ukraine Blocking Russian sites is contrary to the principles of media freedom, said the Secretary General of the Council of Europe. Moscow. May 17. INTERFAX.RU — Secretary General of the Council of Europe (COE) thorbjørn Jagland expressed concern about the decree of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko about blocking Russian sites. “Blocking social networking, search engines, email services and news websites is contrary to our common understanding of freedom of speech and mass media”, — said in a statement Jagland, transferred on Wednesday to “Interfax” the press service of the COE. “Moreover, such a complete ban is at odds with the principle of proportionality,” — said the Secretary General. Wednesday came into force the decree of the President of Ukraine on the introduction of sanctions in relation to social networks “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”, “”, “Yandex” and their

Italy has opposed the automatic extension of anti-Russian sanctions

Paolo Gentiloni and Vladimir Putin The Prime Minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni opposed the automatic extension of anti-Russian sanctions. About it reports “Interfax”. “It is impossible to make all decisions related to sanctions, on autopilot,” he said, speaking at a press conference after talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. The head of the Italian government stressed that Rome stands for a common position of NATO members and EU countries on this issue. “We cannot work separately from each other, but our goal should be the unity of our unions and a serious discussion of how the situation in Ukraine,” Gentiloni said. Restrictive measures against Moscow was introduced by the EU countries, USA and several other States in 2014 because of the entry into the Russian Crimea, and then in connection with the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine. In response, Moscow imposed a ban on food imports from

Beat her friend Japanese had set fire to two police

In Japan, an unidentified man doused two officers with gasoline and set on fire. On Wednesday, may 17, reports TASS with reference to the Agency Kyodo. The attack occurred in the southern Prefecture of Okinawa. It clarifies the RIA Novosti, the two guards who had a search warrant, tried to enter the apartment of the suspect in the beating of his concubine men, but smelled of gasoline. Then they came inside through the balcony. In the apartment police met armed with a knife man. He doused the guards with gasoline and set them on fire. As a result one of militiamen has received strong burns of the person, the other injured arm. The attacker was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. The man admitted his guilt.

Putin was diagnosed with the development of the political schizophrenia in the United States

Vladimir Putin The President of Russia Vladimir Putin commented on the scandal surrounding the indictment of the President of the United States Donald trump is that he allegedly gave classified information to the Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The head of state made the corresponding statement on Wednesday, 17 may, speaking at a press conference following the meeting with the Italian Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni. The broadcast led TV channel “Russia 24”. “We see that in the United States develops the political schizophrenia. Anything else I can’t explain the charges of the incumbent President that he gave to Mr Lavrov as any secrets,” said Putin. At the same time, according to him, Moscow highly appreciates the results of the meeting of Lavrov and trump. “This was the first visit, the return visit of our Minister of foreign Affairs after we took in Moscow, Secretary of state [US Rex] Tillerson. This

Three parties in the Duma illegally deprived of airtime in the regions

Monthly up to 20 regional branches of all-Russian state television and radio broadcasting company (VGTRK) contrary to the law do not cover the activities of the three Duma parties — LDPR, CPRF and “Fair Russia”. This was announced by the Secretary of the CEC, Maya Grishina, reports TASS on Wednesday, 17 may. “The main issue raised by representatives of those parties is a small light on regional channels of VGTRK activities of the parliamentary parties”, — said Grishin. The CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova, in turn, noted that this issue was raised repeatedly in the Commission, and proposed to return to look for his solutions. “This is a chronic problem, let’s just get back to it”, she said. Pamfilova also instructed to prepare a conversion to RTR. On 21 March it was reported that the members of the Federation Council is preparing a bill that will require public media to provide

With childless women irkutski tried to collect child support for another child

In Irkutsk childless women trying to collect child support arrears in favor of 10-year-old girl. About it reports a press-service of the regional Department of the Federal bailiff service (FSSP). The woman had to pay 100 thousand rubles. When the debtor was a bailiff who was instructed to execute the judgment, she stated that she is not the mother of this child and never had children. A local resident filed a lawsuit in Sverdlovsk district court, challenging his mother and asking to release it from payment of the alimony. The judge granted the plaintiff’s claim: a DNA examination confirmed the words of the declarant. In the end, the enforcement proceedings were discontinued. It turned out that when the birth of the child in the entry was submitted the information on the mother according to parous women, whose identity could not be established. Documents for alimony was filed by the guardian

Ex-employee of the interior Ministry Zakharchenko was suspected of receiving a bribe of $800 thousand

Ex-employee of the interior Ministry Zakharchenko was suspected of receiving a bribe of $800 thousand In 2016 the apartment worked in the anti-corruption Chapter of the Colonel discovered 8.5 billion in ruble equivalent. Moscow. May 17. INTERFAX.RU the Consequence suspects the Colonel of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Dmitry Zakharchenko in yet another episode of corruption — accepting a bribe of $800 thousand. “The consequence suspects not yet indicted Zakharchenko taking bribes from (the owner of the restaurant “La Mare” — if) Mr Dossa in the amount of 800 thousand dollars and a discount card of the restaurant La Mare,” — said the lawyer Alexander Gorbatenko in court. He also said that the investigation was arrested in the case of his client property “other people” 1 billion, without specifying exactly who is its owner. The lawyer stressed that “the money (the value of the property —

A huge swarm of bees stopped traffic in Central London

A huge swarm of bees stopped traffic in Central London MOSCOW, may 17 — RIA Novosti. A huge swarm of bees paralyzed the traffic in rush hour on Greenwich street in London. Video of the incident posted on YouTube. On the record shows how bees fly over a busy highway. Some passers-by stop to watch the scene, others are trying to hide from the insects. According to local media reports, the problem was solved only in the evening. Local beekeeper Phil Clarkson brought a mobile hive, to which flocked the most bees. An enormous swarm of bee’s are currently passing through Greenwich town ???? #bees #Greenwich — Beadoir (@BeadoirLondon) 16 may 2017

Convicted WikiLeaks informant Chelsea manning was released

Convicted WikiLeaks informant Chelsea manning was released Transgender Chelsea manning, convicted of passing classified data to WikiLeaks, released from military prison in Kansas for 28 years before his time. According to the court, Chelsea manning (at birth — Bradley manning) was to be released only in 2045. However, in January travelling with President Barack Obama commuted the sentence of the court. While serving in Iraq in 2010, the Junior intelligence analyst Bradley manning passed thousands of diplomatic cables and reports on the war to WikiLeaks, created by Julian Assange. This has become one of the largest leaks of classified documents in U.S. history. Private manning said during preliminary hearings that the documents handed over in the hope to initiate a public debate about international politics and military strategy of the United States. He was sentenced in 2013 to 35 years imprisonment. Already in prison, he filed an application to change