Ex-employee of the interior Ministry Zakharchenko was suspected of receiving a bribe of $800 thousand

Ex-employee of the interior Ministry Zakharchenko was suspected of receiving a bribe of $800 thousand

In 2016 the apartment worked in the anti-corruption Chapter of the Colonel discovered 8.5 billion in ruble equivalent.

Moscow. May 17. INTERFAX.RU the Consequence suspects the Colonel of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Dmitry Zakharchenko in yet another episode of corruption — accepting a bribe of $800 thousand.

“The consequence suspects not yet indicted Zakharchenko taking bribes from (the owner of the restaurant “La Mare” — if) Mr Dossa in the amount of 800 thousand dollars and a discount card of the restaurant La Mare,” — said the lawyer Alexander Gorbatenko in court.

He also said that the investigation was arrested in the case of his client property “other people” 1 billion, without specifying exactly who is its owner. The lawyer stressed that “the money (the value of the property — if) is not commensurate sane Zakharchenko crimes”.

On Wednesday the Moscow city court considers the appeal against the extension of arrest of accounts of $16 million in the case of Zakharchenko.

When considering the question of extending the arrest of Zakharchenko March 2, Basmanny court of Moscow the investigator reported that the former police officer became a suspect in two episodes of a bribe in especially large amount (part 6, item 290 of the criminal code), but then did not disclose details.

Zakharchenko is accused of receiving a bribe (article 290 of the criminal code), abuse of official powers (article 285 of the criminal code) and obstruction of justice (article 294 of the criminal code). He has been in custody since September 10, 2016.

In the framework of criminal proceedings against Zakharchenko in his dwellings and workplaces were searched, which resulted in the seized currency totaling 9 billion rubles, the origin of these funds, the investigators will find out during the investigation.

The defendant said that has nothing to do with the money. He also rejected the accusation in a bribe in 7 million rubles According to Zakharchenko, he became a victim of provocation of special services, but is willing to help in finding the owners discovered billion.

Later, the media reported that Zakharchenko is supposedly a member of the group monopolize construction contracts of the company “Russian Railways” (RZD). Meanwhile, a source in law enforcement bodies told “Interfax” that this is not true, and more than 8 billion rubles, seized during the search, are part of the money withdrawn fraudulently from the assets of Nota-Bank.