Convicted WikiLeaks informant Chelsea manning was released

Convicted WikiLeaks informant Chelsea manning was released

Transgender Chelsea manning, convicted of passing classified data to WikiLeaks, released from military prison in Kansas for 28 years before his time.

According to the court, Chelsea manning (at birth — Bradley manning) was to be released only in 2045.

However, in January travelling with President Barack Obama commuted the sentence of the court.

While serving in Iraq in 2010, the Junior intelligence analyst Bradley manning passed thousands of diplomatic cables and reports on the war to WikiLeaks, created by Julian Assange. This has become one of the largest leaks of classified documents in U.S. history.

Private manning said during preliminary hearings that the documents handed over in the hope to initiate a public debate about international politics and military strategy of the United States.

He was sentenced in 2013 to 35 years imprisonment. Already in prison, he filed an application to change the name and gender.

Manning was serving a sentence in prison for men. Lawyers said that in prison, she twice tried to commit suicide because of the conditions.

WikiLeaks became famous after the publication of secret materials of the Pentagon, state Department and other government agencies of the United States.