In the U.S. Congress demanded an investigation against trump

Donald Trump

Members of the Democratic party of the United States, members of the Committee of the house of representatives oversight and government reform and the Senate judiciary Committee of Congress signed the letter, which demanded an immediate investigation against the President of the United States Donald trump, head of the Ministry of justice of Jeff and Roman sessions and several senior White house officials. On Tuesday, may 16, reports the Hill.

As noted, addressed to the chairmen of the two committees a letter was signed by all 33 Democrats, members of these committees.

“We appeal to the Committee on oversight and government reform and the legal Committee with a request to launch an immediate joint investigation also involved the U.S. President Donald trump and his senior officials in an ongoing conspiracy to obstruct the investigations that are currently ongoing Federal Bureau of investigation, Ministry of justice and by Congress against members of his presidential campaign and their contacts with Russian officials”, — quotes extracts from the letters edition.

In the United States after the election of the President conducted an investigation of alleged external interference in the election campaign. The initiators of the proceedings, many of whom were supporters of the Democratic party and its candidate, Hillary Clinton, impose on Russia responsible for a series of cyber attacks against American political organizations. The CIA, FBI and NSA had previously prepared a report, which claimed that President Vladimir Putin personally ordered to organize a campaign in order to win trump. Moscow has consistently rejected all such accusations.

11 may trump in the NBC interview, refuted “the secret cooperation with the Russians” and stressed that “Russia did not affect the vote,” however, made for the continuation of the FBI’s investigation to “find out whether the election problems that are associated with Russia.” May 10 White house spokesman Sean Spicer said that trump had no objection to the investigation.